5 Ways to Design a Minimalist Living Room

5 Ways to Design a Minimalist Living Room –¬†Living room has a small size does not mean you miss the opportunity to have a simple living room that is fashionable and functional. Arrangement of small living room furniture is a challenge, but a simple living room is often easier to arrange than a large living room.

Besides that, it’s easier in a small living room, there are tricks for arranging a simple living room that can make your simple living room look more attractive and of course comfortable for anyone who visits. More or less, how are the steps for decorating a living room that are suitable for a cute room? This is a minimalist reference living room decor from Royhomedesign.

Tips for Making Minimalist Living Room Decorations Look Spacious

1. Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Take advantage of multifunctional furniture in a small living room as the best trick you can do. Multi-function furniture is household equipment that can serve as two or more other roles, for example by placing a rack that can also be used as a partition between the living room and family room. Using a coffee table that can be useful for an area to store underneath you can also apply.

By using multi-functional furniture in a minimalist living room decor, you will save more space. The living room doesn’t look cramped even though it’s a cute size.

2. Bright Color Wall Paint

In giving the impression of the living room is to use cheerful colors for the walls. Cheerful color walls such as white, light gray, light yellow, beige or pastel colors will give the impression of relief and cleanness in your living room. Some of these cheerful colors are easier to combine with the colors in the surrounding furniture.

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The various combinations of colors between the walls and the furniture make the room situation less boring. That way you can serve several guests who arrive more comfortably.

3. Use a Sofa of the Right Size

One of the special spots in this room is on the sofa. Adjust the size of the sofa to the size of the room as things that need to be applied. This will make the space in the room more spacious. If the living room is not so spacious, don’t use a sofa with a letter L shape. This shape takes up a lot of room.

Choose a simple sofa with the right color. So that the minimalist living room decor is more proportional, place a table and lamp stand with a light shape that will give the impression of being spacious and relieved in the living room.

The sofa is an important part of the living room element. It is true that there is a living room that is made without a sofa, just sitting in a natural way or on the floor in the living room. But for those who love the interior of the living room, eating a sofa is a must.

4. Small Living Room Decoration with Green Plants

The living room situation is more lively if there are green plants or plants. You can use real plants or artificial plants. Real plants have a plus value in maintaining the quality of the temperature in the room, and artificial plants have a plus point that they do not require maintenance treatment.

Place the plant pot in the corner of the room, side table or center table (coffee table). Cool and beautiful impressions at that time will also be seen in the living room. Choose natural colors to enhance the cozy look of your living room.

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5. Simple Living Room Must be Functional

Because the living room is one of the activities center rooms every day, therefore you need to consider the functionality factor. However, the simple living room design must be kept simple, neat, and far from the impression of being chaotic and narrow. The key to the design above is to put everything in its place and you have to keep an eye on it always to be organized.


How? Have you thought about some things that can be applied when starting to create a dream minimalist living room decor? You don’t have to worry about coming back, because a small living room also has the opportunity to look optimal and cool, you know!